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                金百利工︼业股份有限公司成立于1978年3月,设厂于台湾省桃园县中坜工业区,专业制Ψ 造工业用磅秤系统及工厂称重计量自动化设备,产品遍布海聲音冰冷道内外。公司成立∞以来,在与各业界深入♀的交流及互动下,充分吸Ψ取了客户的经验和专业知识,并极力培养和训练专业人才,为公司长远发展奠定了坚强的基础。


                公司具备坚强靈魂意識海之中的开发设计能力,拥有健全、高效的产品研发中心,以”高、精、尖 ”的称重和包装技术为研发方向,在這是上古蓮花藕发展的同时,也陆续成立了各地区深受信赖的□ 分销商及办事处,形成全国性的营销到底要不要出手和服务网,使用户感受到“金百利”就在你身边,期盼能为广大客户继续提供更多更好的产品和服务,也期待能为中国的称重计量技术贡献一份心我們可以讓你們進去力。

                Li Gu Weighing Industrial Co., Ltd. wasestablished in March 1978 which located in JhongliIndustrial Park, Taoyuan County, Taiwan.Specializing in the manufacture of industrial weighing scale and factoryweighing automation system and sold all over the world. Since the establishmentof the company, with the exchange and interactive of various industries, fullyabsorb the customer's experience and knowledge, and strive to train and training professionals for the company's long-term developmenthas laid a strong foundation.

                We have a group of professional and technicalpersonnel, who specialized in electronic weighing, industrial automation andcontrol project development and production. Withexcellent design capabilities and advanced manufacturing technology to researchand development, we has developed a variety of mechanical integration of high-techproducts such as packaging scales, filling machine, check weighing scales andcomputer batching systems. Which have been widely used in various industries In Taiwan, mainland Chinaand Southeast Asia.

                We havestrong development and design capabilities, with perfect and efficient productdevelopment center, with “ high - refined - sharp ” weighing and packagingtechnology for the development direction. At the same time, we have also set upreputable distributors and offices in all regions to form a national marketingand service network to let users feel " Li Gu " on your side. We lookforward to continue to provide our customers more and better products andservices, but also look forward to contributing to China's Weighing technology efforts.

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